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Cheers for that, mate

October 27, 2009

An e-mail from my friend (talking about finishing up an assignment):

okay i overestimated my abilities again! i guess i’ll wake sparrow
fart tomoz and finish the bugger off. Goodnight MATE!

This girl is hilarious, and I love her. She is the only girl I know that uses “mate.”  She also saw one of my folders labeled “hella data” and asked me what “hella” meant.


In related news, more on Australian (the language):

I’m going to head = I’m going to head off now
Let me know if you run into any dramas = Let me know if you have any problems
See how you go = Give it a go and hopefully it will work out
Are you guys still keen to meet this arvo? = Do you guys still want to meet up this afternoon?
cheers = “thank you,” or “you’re welcome” (confusing, right? I’m sure there are a few other uses floating about)
arvo = afternoon
post = mail
chemist = pharmacy
tute (pron. TOOT) = tutorial = discussion/recitation
programme = program
idea is pronounced “idear”
pattern is pronounced like “patent”
process is pronounced PRO-cess (instead of PRAH-cess)
data is pronounced DAH-ta, with DAH pronounced as in “dapper” (instead of DAY-ta)
“h” is pronounced HEY-che (instead of AY-ch)
“z” is prounced ZED (instead of ZEE)

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