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For better or worse

October 26, 2009
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Things I’ve gotten used to:

Looking left, then right, when crossing the street
Buses that run exactly on schedule
Buses that actually require fare
Buses that I can swipe my smartrider card on and have fare deducted automatically
My own room
Internet with bandwidth limit
24-hour computer labs, all at the swipe of my student card
Staying late at computer labs with mates to finish reports
Going to a university right on the river and getting to see the beautiful river scenery everyday
Dual-flush toilets
Rain that comes in sudden bursts
Cheap produce (especially kiwis and bananas)
Having a full-out rack for drying clothes outside
Free and practically unlimited source of fresh lemons
Living 2 blocks from campus
A library that tells you exactly where the free computers are
Awesome and lovely people in my units
Feeling safe walking by myself late at night
Small doses only of sleep deprivation
Lecturers that are very understanding and laid back and approachable (example below)
Calling professors “lecturers”
Feeling fulfilled in the work I’m doing
Feeling anxious at going home because it will be a change

At 4 AM the day an assignment was due, I e-mailed:

Morning Peter,
Would it be possible to get an extension for the biological oceanography report?

Let me know,

A few hours later, he responded,

Hi Daphne,

No problem. Can you get it in by Monday? I know it’s a big report, so it’d be better if you had more time to finish it.



Granted, Peter is also the coordinator for another class I’m taking, and that second class also had a big report (worth 50% of our mark) due that same day, so he knew I was working on both reports. But still, one of the most encouraging messages I’ve gotten from a professor/lecturer.

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  1. Sophia permalink
    October 26, 2009 06:48

    My dream is to have a lemon or orange tree. I HELLA WANT ONE!

    …does anyone there say hella?

  2. sylvia permalink
    October 27, 2009 06:37

    could you possibly study abroad for your fifth year? unless you plan on finishing all college and major requirements by 4th year? then again, cost could be an issue. but i’m glad you get the feeling of achievement in what you do. i’m still haven’t gotten *that* feeling yet for this semester.

    good luck daphne

  3. October 28, 2009 10:27

    I love the dual-flush toilets. Although, the weather+rain here has been doing some fun-kay things.

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