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The austral summer

October 18, 2009
37 C = 98.6 F

37 C = 98.6 F

Summer here is not to be taken lightly. The sun’s rays are INTENSE. Unexpectedly.

Even though that is exactly what they told us at orientation. The ozone layer has a hole over Australia, etc. etc.

By 10 AM, it was 85 degrees F. 12 PM, 95 degrees F.

We were throwing a surprise birthday celebration for my housemate and one of our friends today, so I had to make a few trips between the supermarket, uni, and a friend’s house. The sun was strong enough that I opted to wear a jacket to cover up against the sun and a baseball cap, no matter that the cap screams “American tourist.” I need to buy summer clothes because I packed mostly winter clothes in my 50 lbs of luggage.

Technically, summer begins in December. It’s still spring now; thankfully more reasonable weather resumes this week.

P.S. I only have 1 more week of classes. 3 reports due on Friday, worth 20%, 30%, and 50% of my grade. Then 1 week of study break. Then 2 weeks of exams. Then I’m free!

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