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Two arabesques.

October 6, 2009
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Tonight S and I went to a beginning Chinese dance class tonight, $10 for drop in. The teacher is super flexible, but doesn’t explain the moves very much. The class is about 20 people, with 5 young kids, 3 uni students, and the rest mothers. There are all different dance levels. The teacher has more of a “watch my example and follow my moves” type of instruction, rather than deconstructing each move.

We did warm ups, some barre work, kicks and leaps across the floor, a little bit of breathing exercises, and a little bit of eye exercise. We ended with about 20 minutes of Yi choreography. It seems pretty simple because it is repetitive, and the dance is short.

To dance again is excellent. The endorphin rush is unmatched. Working on basics still takes a lot of focus and is very sweat inducing.

Also, we got rides to AND from dance class, which would otherwise be a 40-60 minute commute both ways. Afterward, we taught our two other friends, D and C, some basic moves. You can see one of them knocked out on the couch in the background.

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