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August 31, 2009

Tonight, i went to play ultimate with the social league. Scrimmage for the first hour, then throwing around and playing catch for the second hour. It was fun. I’m good at running around and looking busy; I still need to work on the part where I actively try to get open. I came back and had apple cake and ice cream for dinner (the same thing I had for lunch today).

Right now, it’s hard to get up from my chair and not melt into the floor.

City2Surf was good. I pushed myself pretty hard and finished strong, so I’m happy. The trail had a surprising number of hills, for all this I hear of Perth being flat, flat, and flat. I didn’t dress up, but I did see a few people that did: Dr. Seuss theme, brides, guys with pink hair, 1 drag queen. Not as big of a party feeling as Bay to Breakers, but it was all good. Although I would’ve preferred a free event t-shirt, we all got finisher medals, which are nice and shiny. All pictures from that day are on my housemate’s phone.

This week is looking…not too bad. Working on our next EART3304 (Envi Planning and Mgmt) mini-project, which looks at environmental indicators. T

There are 3 types of environmental indicators: condition, pressure, and response. Condition indicators tell you what the current status of the environment, such as depth of the water table and groundwater salinity. Pressure indicators tell you what pressures are exerted on the environment. Examples are habitat loss and pollution point sources. I’m still not exactly sure how response indicators work, but they monitor the effect of policy responses to environmental issues. Examples of response indicators are levels of pest control and irrigation efficiency.

Due on Friday is an experimental design project, in which we write up 6 pages on an effective sampling program that determines efficiency of marine reserves in protecting reef fishes. I’ll say more about this as I find out more.

Next week is study break week, sort of like a spring break. I’ll be gone Monday through Saturday on a field trip down to Albany, about a 5 hour drive from Perth. We will examine the spatial variation in community structure of the intertidal sandflats at Princess Royal Harbour (a mouthful, right?). We are trying to determine the impact that physical beach characteristics have on community composition. Physical characteristics we are looking at include slope, level of exposure, grain size, and wave action.

[Edit] A new layout! I’ll come up with a better header eventually.

A quick map of possible sampling sites in Princess Royal Harbour. Next week we will be going down to these sites, digging around in the sand for samples, and identifying and counting the samples.

Proposed sampling sites in Princess Royal Harbour

Proposed sampling sites in Princess Royal Harbour

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  1. Stephanie permalink
    September 1, 2009 05:10

    I like shirts too. But shiny is good. I just found your blog! Time to catch up šŸ™‚

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