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48 hour countdown

July 7, 2009

Um, hi. I have 48 hours until I leave. And while I have started accumulating stuff to pack, I haven’t actually started packing.

Some of the things I have accumulated: 3-cup rice cooker/steamer, hot water dispenser, hot water travel mug, porcelain bowl, chopsticks, freshly shined boots, makeup, sunscreen, socks, various old sweaters from my mom and aunt (“You can bring them there, wear them…and you don’t need to bring them back”).

Tomorrow I have to go to Walgreens (alarm batteries, plunger for contacts, artifical tears), Frys (electrical adapters), and Target (small size hair gel and facewash). I need to return my books to the library, pick up my dry cleaning, go to the bank to deposit my check, and do laundry. I need to write a thank-you card for a bake sale order, clear the memory on my xD cards, and call BoA customer service to see if I can use the Westpac ATM free of charge over there or if I need to open a new account. Also, I need to check on my health insurance international coverage and start making some connections on getting permanent housing in Perth.

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  1. Katherine permalink
    July 8, 2009 23:44

    xD card looks like a face

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